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Brad "Bradini" Evans
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Educational School Programs 

Bradini offers a variety of high quality programs for schools.  Your students will be educated, motivated and entertained by Bradini's excellent programs.   


Program Offerings:

Reading Is Fun - This program is an excellent way to motivate students to read books and utilize the library.  Let Bradini help you experience the wonder and magic of reading where anything is possible.

No Bully Zone - This program shows students how to recognize a bully and cyberbully as well as how to stay SAFE and work together to avoid being bullied.  Bradini help your school be a No Bully Zone.

   Mission Nutrition - Mission Nutrition is a fast, exciting, fun-filled program to help teach kids about nutrition. Children will learn how to identify bad nutrition habits, what to do to stay healthy, and how to eat the right kinds of foods and drinks.  Teachers and staff will also learn many identifiers and techniques to help change bad habits and get healthy. Through stories, games, comedy and audience participation, students will become more aware of this "hidden" problem and help learn how to make their school a healthier, safer and more fun place.

The Magic Inside - "The magic is in you" is the message Motivational Entertainer Bradini shares with school children throughout the country in his motivational and inspirational "The Magic Inside" school assembly program.   

Be A Winner, Say NO To Drugs - Bradini uses the art of magic to grab the children's attention while educating them about a variety of topics: Winners don't do drugs, the problems of drugs, alcohol, smoking and inhalants; using magic to get the point across-- all while enjoying an entertaining magic show.  It is designed to be a part of every school's Drug Free Schools Program.   It's entertainment and a message kids won't forget.

The Fantastic Friends Show - The program is logical and hard-hitting, yet fun and educational.  The essential message is:  Our friends affect our lives, so stay away from bad influences and select positive friends.  Bradini hammers on gangs and negative influences while giving his elementary school audience alternative ways to find acceptance and friendship.

Reward Incentive - Looking for a program to reward your students for achieving their goals?  Look no further, MotivationalAssemblies has many programs you can use to motivate your students to reach that goal.

Magic Fundraisers - Does your school need to raise money for computers, equipment, programs, etc.?  Why not let Bradini help you with your fundraising needs.

After School Programs - It's hard to find quality after school programs that will keep the kids interest.  Check out our fabulous offerings.

Magic Workshops - Our magic workshops give your students a hands-on activity that will increase their self-confidence, hand-eye coordination and is an excellent after school activity?  Check out our magic workshop program.

Teacher Training - Are you looking for creative ways to keep your students engaged in the classroom or at an assembly?  Bradini can help you with in-service training, keynotes or breakout sessions.


Check out what others say about Bradini's programs

"Bradini is an excellent and exciting performer.  His show entertains, educates, and mystifies.  All ages will embrace this magician and his enchanting feats.  The things I liked the most about the program was the involvement of the audience, fun, gave a positive reinforcement for reading and education."  - Nancy Burris, 1st Grade Teacher


"The magic show was fun and educational!  Bradini had a lot of enthusiasm, the students were actively involved, and he had an educational message." - D. Evans, Kindergarten Teacher, Penn Elementary

Call Bradini today at (918) 272-1651 for an extraordinary educational presentation that is guaranteed to motivate your students while being memorable, entertaining and fun.

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