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Bringing a Motivational Assembly to your school can happen a number of ways.

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Brad "Bradini" Evans
P.O. Box 81
Owasso, OK 74055

What others are saying about Bradini..

"Bradini is an exciting, electrifying, energetic person who puts his all into his performance." 

"Bradini emphasizes the importance of education and family values"


"Excellent and exciting performer"


"Gets the students involved"


"Very educational for the students"


"Gets the students interested in reading"


"The audience was involved and the program had an educational theme"

"Bradini is an exciting, electrifying, energetic person who puts his all into his performance.  His acts involve all ages to help assist him which really keeps everyone wondering what is going to happen next.  A major plus that stands out for "Bradini" is emphasis on the importance of education and family values.  If you try hard enough you can accomplish any occupation or hobby you so choose.  That is so important to stress with our students of this generation.  Many children need that extra motivation or reason from others to keep them involved in school.  Brad Evans stresses that throughout his show.  The students and staff at Whittier Elementary were so privileged and pleased to have "Bradini" perform for us recently.  So, if you are looking for an entertainer that will encourage all ages to succeed, please consider Brad Evans for your next school event.  You will be thrilled that you did."  - Susan Hoog, Reading Specialist, Whittier Elementary School


"Bradini is an excellent and exciting performer.  His show entertains, educates, and mystifies.  All ages will embrace this magician and his enchanting feats.  The things I liked the most about the program was the involvement of the audience, fun, gave a positive reinforcement for reading and education."  - Nancy Burris, 1st Grade Teacher, Whittier Elementary School


"I would recommend Bradini to another school.  He is very professional, has a lot of audience participation, and gets the students involved.  The content of the material he uses is very educational for the students.  The students really enjoy his show.  I liked how he gets the students interested in reading."  - Pam Dial, 6th Grade Teacher

"I really liked the fact that the audience was involved and it had an educational theme.  The parents that attended enjoyed the show too."  - Carolyn Kaiser, Teacher









"The magic is in you" is the message Motivational Entertainer Bradini shares with school children throughout the country in his motivational and inspirational "THE MAGIC INSIDE" school assembly program.  Bradini uses the art of magic to grab the children's attention then talks with them about a variety of motivational topics: "Say No" to drugs, set goals, you can do anything you put your mind to, learn from your mistakes and more -- all while enjoying an entertaining magic show!  Bradiniís fun loving character is appreciated by both students and faculty; in fact, teachers often comment that they have as much fun as the students!!!

THE MAGIC INSIDE gets your students "pumped up" and ready to get more out of themselves, school and life. Some of the messages included in THE MAGIC INSIDE program are:

You are an important person!

Set your goals high!

"Say No" to drugs and alcohol!

School is important!

Don't give up!

Assume personal responsibility!

And many more!

Money Back Guarantee

THE MAGIC INSIDE program is guaranteed!  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the assembly program you host -- you don't have to pay!  Bradini has offered this guarantee for 3 years and has been enthusiastically paid after each show!

But wait, You also get.....

When your school hosts THE MAGIC INSIDE School Assembly Program you get more than just a magic show.  You get an award winning magician talking with the children about the "Real Magic" in life -- the ability to be and do anything you want.  You will receive support materials: a teacherís kit with ideas for discussion and additional resources; posters to promote the show and  a press release to let your community know the "extra mile" you are going for the children's success.

Use "THE MAGIC INSIDE"ô in Your Anti-Drug Campaign

Though THE MAGIC INSIDE is not specifically an anti-drug program, it will fit in nicely with your campaign against drugs.  After all, a positive self-image is the first step toward keeping a child away from substance abuse.

Many schools have used THE MAGIC INSIDE as a very effective part of their anti-drug programs and now you can too.  Being a part of your drug education campaign you can probably use resources from state and federal sources to help defray the costs of the program.  Many school districts have already have approval to use "anti drug money" to pay for this show.

THE MAGIC INSIDE is motivating, fun and memorable.  Use it as a stand-alone assembly, a reward program or as part of a larger anti-drug program.  Your students will benefit from THE MAGIC INSIDE far longer than the length of the program..... perhaps forever!


by Brad "Bradini" Evans

Children, today more than ever before, need to hear positive and motivational messages.  A positive self-esteem is so important to kids in order to be successful in life and to stay away from drugs.   The Magic Inside program was carefully crafted by another magician friend of mine who has performed it at hundreds of elementary schools in Texas.  This exciting program is now being made available across the U.S. and I have licensed the complete show.  It is my goal to share this excitement with school children throughout the country.

During THE MAGIC INSIDE I share inspirational stories about Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison & Harry Houdini as well as personal stories through the medium of the entertaining magic effects I present.  The kids have a great time at the magic show and learn something at the same time.  Itís a win-win situation for everyone.

However - because of other commitments, I can only take a limited number of schools during the 2001-2002 school year - and those dates are filling FAST.  This show is truly inspiring to the students, the faculty and to myself. 

References Happily Provided

If you are interested in knowing what others who have hosted Bradini are saying about his programs, we will happily provide you with the names and numbers.

Add to that the confidence that if you are not completely satisfied you donít have to pay, then there is no reason your school shouldnít host THE MAGIC INSIDE.  Bradini has offered this guarantee for 3 years and has been enthusiastically paid after each show!

Most often asked questions

SHOW LENGTH: Approximately forty-five (45) minutes.

REQUIREMENTS: THE MAGIC INSIDE program is completely self-contained. We provide the sound system, props and everything needed to present a professional show. You provide any suitable school facility (stage, gym, cafeteria, etc.) and an audience.

TARGET GRADES: K-6, slight changes are made in the show at each performance so it is targeted toward YOUR audience.

Suggested age groupings include:

          Grades K-3
          Grades 4-6

INVESTMENT:  CLICK HERE to see the various options.

Discounts Available

SAVE 10%: Team up with another school in your immediate area so Bradini can perform at two schools (or more) in one day, and all participating schools save 10%.

Okay, Brad, Everything Sounds Great...Now What?

Simply pick up the phone and call me or complete the Booking info.  We can discuss your event in detail.  You can ask any questions you have.  I'm not going to try to "sell" you, so you can relax - no pressure - I'm here to answer your questions and help you make your event the best ever.

Call Bradini today at (918) 272-1651 for an extraordinary educational presentation that is guaranteed to motivate your students while being memorable, entertaining and fun.

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